Like a new couch…

Relapse is one thing that scares me everyday. I will be honest, I have relapsed, and it is a whole lot harder to recover a second or even third time. “Relapse is like a new couch and a leaky roof” ( Schaefer). The way that this was explained in her words really helped me understand. If you have a new couch, and all of a sudden you get a leak in your roof, you do anything to protect the new couch that you just bought. Why is it that you would do that for a couch, but not yourself? The water is dripping on the sofa, you move it, its that simple. If you start to see yourself relapse, fix it. Just like the couch, you will ruin yourself. You have worked so hard to get where you are, why take a step backwards. For me ed loves the idea of a relapse, ed would love to be thin, unhealthy and “happy” again. But when I separate myself from him, and I think rationally, I can see that is not true- Obviously. I think that it is normal to have thoughts as these, feeling so torn, you want to be healthy, but thin at the same time. Relapse is something that happens- But that doesn’t make it okay to use it as an excuse. Dont use it as that- You are letting ed win. Stay strong, and think about the couch and leaky roof- then tell ed, you are stronger and he will not ruin you!…






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