A new start…



It is never to late…

Downloading the app time hop has really been a struggle lately to look at. Last year at this time I was returning home from school about two hours away. I was a new freshmen, excited to be on her own. Unfortunately it was to much… The first two weeks were really bad, I missed home a bunch and I ate next to nothing, it was the first sign of a relapse. Moving home was tramatic, every  18 year old american is suppose to go away to school, but for me the pressure had been to much… I had to move home to continue school at a community college. I felt, almost embaressed..Tomorrow is the start of the new semester, still at the community college. Honestly I’ve spent the last year reminiscing on the fact that I had failed, and had to return home. With the start of this new semester I am determined to have a more positive outlook on the whole thing. Going to school here, I stay healthy, I get to be at home with my amazing family, and on top of it all, it is WAY cheaper! From now on instead of saying, ” I had to move home because I could not control myself.” I’m going to say, ” I got to come home, things happen for a reason even though I may not know the reason I believe there is one. One day I will be strong enough and move out, yet it wasn’t right, and I am happier this way anyway!” It is all about perspective. I am excited to keep working on racking up credits to transfer, and even happier to be home….



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