Showing gratitude…

IMG_0456Recently many people in my life are seeing some downfalls, and reasons to be unhappy. Life has ups and downs and even though we may not understand them we have to believe that they are happening for a reason. Whether it be braking up with a loved one, moving away from the place you called home, doing bad on a test that you were really looking forward to passing, or just feeling down. No matter what the reason is there is a reason for it. Sometimes all we need is time to figure it out. I feel like it may seem like your world is falling apart, but really the pieces are just falling into place. Believe me. You think that five years ago this would of been my plan?  You think I would of chosen a life of torture, being trapped under this unescapable spell of ed? You think I would of ever thought that I would have to leave school to stay safe? You think that any of us knew this would happen? Chances are probably not.

Instead of focusing on the bad things or the things that make me down I am trying to look at the other side of things. Instead of why is this happening to me- tell yourself, wow I am luck that this happened, even though I don’t know why it was for a reason, and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for so many things in my life. Sometimes by focusing on all the good things my feelings of guilt and sadness pass too. The list of things that I am truly thankful for would be an ungodly amount of typing, and there would not be enough room. Instead I have chosen to share some of the things that one may not see being thankful for- yet I am.

Truly thankful…..

  • Dirty dishes
  • A basket full of dirty laundry
  • A family and friends that yell and get mad
  •  An overwhelming amount of assignments and projects
  • ed

Now you may ask- “Kenz, have you lost it- Why would you be thankful for those things?!”

Well its quite simple actually… The dirty dishes let me know that I have food to eat, and I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. The Dirty laundry just the same. It means that I have clothes to wear. A family or friends that may yell or get mad, remind me that people care about me. If nobody cared, nobody would fight with me or try to steer me in the right direction. The stress of school helps remind me that I have the ability to get a good education, unlike many other people around me. The fact that I stress shows me that I am smart, and I can do anything that I put my mind to. And last of all- ED. Many days he is hell, but I know that I got an ed for a reason. Why? I can’t tell you why, I wish I knew… But Ed has made me so strong, strength that I never knew I had. It has help build my relationship with my close friends and family, and it has made me who I am.

The other thing that I am beyond thankful for is all the mistakes in my life that I have made. Both Big and Small. Without them I would not be who I am. I wouldn’t be as smart, or as strong. The next time you are feeling down, think of reasons to be thankful, not- why life sucks today. Cause like Ive said before- IT HAPPENED FOR A REASON…

-Kenz ❤


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