Starting off the new year right…. BIG NEWS!!!

I just want to mention first off that so much has happened in these two last weeks- so I just kinda want to update you all! First off ale, my boyfriends parents moved in with us. They moved here from Venezuela, and they are lovely. We are so excited to have them here. For Christmas we had my grandparents stay with us as well and we played games all day! It was perfect. This was our game of headbands!

It snowed on Christmas Eve and I have to say that seeing grown adults experience something I take for granted everyday really made me think. Ales parents danced in the snow- it was so cute!

Them moving in with us has been a big change but I really enjoy it. Ales parents and sister are all so sweet. And ales dad has very important life lessons to teach us all. English is still a bit broken, but he always gets the point across. Next big piece of news is— Ale asked me to marry him. IM ENGAGED!!!! I’m seriously the luckiest girl in the world! We won’t get married for a few years but I am seriously so so excited. I’ve never been so happy in my life!!!

I’ve realized that I need to make this final step in recovery for him! For us. For the kids we will have one day- he’s one of my main reasons for the final step in recovery. I WILL pick ale over Ed any day!

Lastly I made a list of things I want for the new year of my life, and wanted to share it all with you.

2015- a year for new experiences, new happiness, recovery and no Ed. Wishing you all a happy new year! ☺️



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